About Me

Mr. Sandeep Chaudhry has over 30 years’ experience in working in corporates and as an entrepreneur. He has been helming SNP as a founder director. In 2017, Sandeep, along with some leading waterproofers took initiative and founded Waterproofers Association of India . He is the Founder President-Waterproofers Association of India. Sandeep, as the Vice-President- Indian Importers Chamber of Commerce & Industry, supports business owners from construction and building services industry to grow in SAARC and African countries. He is also a Senior member of BNI Gurgaon and contributes to the business growth of fellow entreprenuers. He works with an immense network of Architects and Interiors Designers all over India. Among his clients he is known to be the “Go To’ person for any new development in the Industry. He works with manufacturers and suppliers in his industry from all over the world and is known for trying out and experimenting with new technologies and products.

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